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Load Shedding Sweeps Across South Africa
Eskom will start implementing rotational load shedding from 09:00 this morning according to the published load shedding schedules.

9:10 - Eskom media release:

Eskom will start implementing rotational load shedding from 09:00 this morning according to the published load shedding schedules available at for Eskom customers.

Municipal customers need to contact their own municipalities for the correct schedules. Eskom customers can also contact our customer call centre on 0860 037 566.

Eskom calls on consumers to urgently switch off geysers, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances throughout the day to further reduce the impact of rotational load shedding.

We anticipate that we will be load shedding until 22:00 tonight. However, should we receive the necessary savings from all our customers and the situation improves, we will terminate load shedding earlier.

Customers are cautioned to treat all electrical connections as live during this period.

Eskom will provide regular updates on the status of the power system through all media platforms.

Eskom had declared an emergency at 06:00 this morning and asked key industrial customers to reduce load by 10%.

10:46 - City of Cape Town media release:

The City of Cape Town was informed this morning by the National Eskom Control Centre that they are initiating and have already started implementing Stage 3 load shedding. Stage 3 is the highest level of load shedding possible. Here is the list of main stations, suburbs and times that are scheduled for load shedding. The City will keep residents and business informed of any updates.

Whilst the City is doing everything in its power to assist Eskom for the sake of our residents and businesses, it is important to note that the City is wholly reliant on Eskom for the electricity supply to the entire city. The City is only responsible for electricity distribution in certain parts of the city.

If a customer’s electricity supply remains off for longer than the period specified in the attached tables, they should please send an SMS to the City’s technical operations centre on 31220. In certain cases the restoration of power results in what is known as ‘nuisance tripping’ which often goes unreported due to the assumption that the outage is due to the load shedding.

The City regrets the inconvenience caused, but would like to assure residents that all areas are treated fairly whether they are supplied by the City or by Eskom.

Customers can do their part by switching off all non-essential appliances and by monitoring their usage. Please note the constraints on the electricity supply are felt throughout the day during the summer months i.e. there is no ‘evening peak’. As such, responsible consumer practices should please be applied throughout the day.

Any further queries should be directed to Eskom.

Eskom load shedding schedules are at:

Blackouts have been reported across the country as Eskom implements emergency load shedding, reportedly because of wet coal supplies.

U.K. Homes Worth 20% Less With Slow Broadband
Experts in the U.K. property market have noted that houses with slow broadband are worth appreciably less, with rising numbers of buyers willing to cancel a deal if fast broadband is not available in that area.

Many rural and remote areas of the U.K. remain stuck using speeds of 2Mbs (2 megabits per second) or less, while the government is busy with a rollout of a new superfast broadband network (30Mbs) to 95% of the U.K., according to an article in The Guardian.

In South Africa we are not lucky enough to have access to these kinds of speeds in the average home, but 4Mbs or 8Mbs connections are commonly available. Higher speeds can be obtained in South Africa but usually at an exorbitant price.

At some point, with more and more people becoming dependent on the internet for their jobs and income, internet access may well also become a selling point for South African homes.

The internet access point may be a wired connection or a WI-FI router. (approximate cost R400-800). It may thus be a good investment for a seller, creating an additional marketing feature for the property. Of course, it also depends what service providers can offer in your area.

According to one property expert, internet access in the U.K. is now regarded as "the fourth utility", after water, gas and electricity.

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